Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Game 1 of Bruins 2010 Playoffs Tonight

Losing Savard has reduced the chances of making the playoffs to very slim at best. The only glimmer of hope is the quality of the teams behind them. The Rangers, Thrashers, Ning, Panthers and Isles have plenty of their own issues. Carolina might just be the team to be worried about. Since Eric Staal became captain, they have been unstoppable. They are 8 points behind the Bruins.

The Bruins are gutless, heartless, and lifeless and any other 'less you can think of, so I really don't think they will make the playoffs and even if they do, they will be ousted more abruptly than the Habs were in last year's first round. Therefore, tonight's game and the game on April 3rd are now the only two games I care about on the remaining schedule. They are both against Toronto and the only hope for this franchise is to grab a player in the draft that can carry the team for years to come so the Bruins need to keep Toronto down.

We just have to hope that this year's crop of underachievers that are returning next year learn something from this and become more than a shell of what they were in '08-'09.  Get healthy and remember how to play hockey fellas!
I'll be checking in with lottery watch updates the rest of the way. GO OILERS! I'm primarily a fan of whoever is playing the Leafs from here on out...

I can't wait for the draft lottery and I am also looking forward to the Bruins marketing slogan for next season. "Big And Bad Are Back", "It's Called Bruins"...what's the next punchline to come from Causeway Street?

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