Monday, March 8, 2010

Defending Lucic & Co. for not killing Cooke?

Everyone in Boston wants blood after no one beat the bag out of Cooke immediately following his CHEAP SHOT on Savard. Yes this was a cheap shot, and Cooke has a reputation as that type of player. Even more of a reason that he should have been destroyed. However, other circumstances existed.

I've been railing against the Bruins all year for not being TOUGH. No Toughness. And they can't put the puck in the net. Horrible combination. Anyway, I could write a novel on the lack of toughness and nobody being afraid to play the B's because they are heartless...However, I'm going to try and defend Lucic and the others on the ice (EXCEPT RYDER) for not immediately seeking retribution....

Here goes...

It is CLEAR by his half hearted hit at the 16 second mark (click here) that Ryder may have been the only one to really see the full hit on Savard. Lucic was chasing the puck behind the net, and Wideman was also moving forward...and I don't think he saw it either. Ryder clearly saw it based on his horrendous reaction, he just didn't have the heart to give Cooke the business. Hunwick was also behind the puck coming in, but I'm not sure what kind of view he had. Did Hunwick see the hit? Only he could answer that. You get a glimpse of him after the play, but no real reaction. The 5 skaters on the ice for the incident were: Wideman, Hunwick, Lucic, Ryder & Savard. Bergeron came on the ice to chirp at Crosby AFTER the play. Either way the one with the clearest look at it was Ryder. Even immediately after the play you don't see Wideman or Lucic react right away. It was up to Ryder who had the best view of it. By the time Ryder had made his awful attempt at retaliation Savard was unconscious on the ice, and at that point the Bruins players were probably more worried about Savard, then killing Cooke. The time to retaliate would have been IMMEDIATELY with Ryder. Lucic & Wideman had no clue what happened, and by the time they may have realized it, it was too late. You don't go after a guy when the doctors and stretchers are on the ice.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

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