Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Watch this sequence. I did my best to slow it down. You're saying that this isn't deliberate? That a "shoulder to head" is OK? Not an "elbow to head"...Cooke has a reputation Campbell...and your statement is a piece of sh$t. I know that you've "broken this down" a million times. It took my crude screen shots of a YouTube to figure this out....Savard shot the puck. The puck was away. Cooke had time to pull up. HE DIDN'T! This was deliberate. Look at the pictures above. THE PUCK IS GONE. SAVARD SHOT. COOKE STILL WENT THROUGH!

I'll admit the Bruins suck, but you and Bettman are the worst thing to happen to the NHL since the disco puck. Seriously. You are an embarrassment to all of the fans that enjoy the game. HORRIBLE.

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