Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For 2 weeks, we had been exposed to world-class Olympic hockey. Top-skilled players performing at a stunning level. Last night, Section 311 crashed back down to Earth, as our Bruins - who haven't won at the Garden since last year, lost to the Habs, 4-1. The B's started off "just okay", managing to get a power play goal from Sturm (shot by Chara, then Sturm at the crease reaching around/over Price to poke it in for his 19th of the season). But then the 3rd period came, the Habs started to play harder, and the B's caved in.
random crap
  • New Bruins killer: ex-Bruin Glen Metropolit. He scored again, had an assist, got #1 star. I believe he has scored in every game this season against us. I still can't summon enough hate for the guy - he was one of the guys who hustled back when the B's sucked. No, that other time the B's sucked.
  • More Habs fans than usual at the Garden for this game - the redshirts had stayed away for the previous 2 games, but fresh off their gold medal they all plotted to come to Boston in their buses and invade.
  • Wideman just looks horrible out there. Krejci had 3 "wtf!" shifts where he showed flashes of the old Krejci.
  • Almost had a rumble in 311 - some season ticket holder a few rows in front of us started jawing at Cam Neely (yeah, he can hear you from the press box), and some of us got annoyed and let him know. He took offense, then saw that the 311 posse was something like 10 persons with a combined strength of over a thousand Mark Stuarts, and he backed off.
  • No "Hal Gill sucks" chants. Where hath our ballz gone, when there's no "Hal Gill sucks" chants?

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