Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bruins stop sucking long enough to win, 2-1

Seabass visits Section 311

The Rangers are a hockey team almost as offensively inept as the Bruins. Today, the Bruins picked up their play and beat them, 2-1. Goals by Satan (nice pass by Ference, backdoor) and Wideman (what?) from Sobotka. Wideman's was a backhand(!) from the right circle. He actually started the play with a good breakout pass to Lucic...It was probably Wideman's best shift in over a year. Oh, don't get me wrong - he still sucks.
  • Avery was typical Avery all night. Also, Begin fought Prust early. Stuart was boarded by Prospal, leading to a scrum in the corner. Satan actually checked someone...but it led to an interference penalty.
  • I renewed my season tickets - all of 311 is back for next year. I also had to buy concessions today, as the 12:30pm start threw off my eating schedule. Yup, that same eating schedule that makes me eat all of the time.
  • Look, it's all a conspiracy - the Bruins are trying to do nothing more than take your money. Take today's pretzel (below). It is mega-salty. That thing's more kosher than Tevye. It's all a massive plot by the Jacobses to make you buy a $7.25 beer or a $4.00 bottled water.

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