Sunday, March 7, 2010

B's Keep Rolling

Yesterday, the Bruins held off the Islanders and actually won a game in regulation, 3-2. The first period was pretty hot - lots of shots for the B's and I think 4 for the Islanders. If you want to try to put a positive spin on it, the B's have won 6 of their last 7. Goals by Savard, Lootch, Krejci. Again, Miro Satan didn't embarrass himself out there, and actually made some good offensive plays. Seidenberg didn't look horrible out there, either, he made some heads-up defensive plays. Except he was on the ice for the goal that dribbled five-hole on Thomas.
  • Ryder got tossed for hitting Comeau from behind. It was probably the right call. Ryder might be the worst skater I've seen in the NHL.
  • Jack Edwards has to stop with the double-breasted suits. He was swimming in that shit yesterday, looked like something out of Stop Making Sense
"Brick, does anyone have more fun than us???"
  • Hey, let's trade Thomas! Yeah, folks - you just don't trade away 2 #1 goalies when you're in the hunt for the playoffs. Dany Sabourin has been backup in Rask's absence. I remember Sabourin. Maybe last year or the year before, Sabourin was backing up Fleury in Pittsburgh, and he started against Boston. Said Minnesota, "Pens got no respect for us; they're starting Sabourin." We got shut out, 2-0 I think was the score. Playing against the team who released you is a motivator, maybe Sabourin in net today? I don't think Fluto (actually KPD is blogging from the road) has posted the starters yet.
  • Did anyone see that pass by Savard to Paella yesterday? It was from the blue line, with Paella streaking up the left side. Savvy passed it off the boards, Paella was on-side, okay, but the pass came behind Paella, but it bounced off the boards, right, and right onto Paella's stick, with the defender on Paella's right, and he had a clean shot on Roloson. I described it very poorly, but it was cool.
  • Bergeron finally got over his Olympic hangover (groin pull) and played, assisted on Savvy's game-winning goal.
  • Lootch/Begin/Thornton skated on a line together. I'm beginning to see something in this combination. Maybe it was Don Cherry calling out Lootch. Maybe I'm blinded because I want them to kill people.

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