Tuesday, March 9, 2010

B's Blow 3 Leads; Leafs Still Blow.

Ayup, B's lose tonight to Toronto, 4-3 in sudden-death overtime. The B's blew 3 leads, never trailed in the game until 49 seconds were left in the overtime session, where Ryder dove into Thomas to prevent a pass (and prevented the pass), knocked Thomas down, and Kulemin had an empty net to score the winning goal.
  • Boston goals by Recchi, Sturm, Bergeron. Actually, they may have changed the scoring on the Recchi goal and it's actually Bergeron's.
  • Thomas had a good game, made some crazy saves, but let in a wicked softie to Wayne Primeau. I was actually going to reserve some space in the post-game blog post about how RIDICULOUS it was to have Primeau's name bandied about in trade deadline talks. The pride of Whitby, ON: he's got hands like bricks, can't do anything but get in the way, maybe knock some folks around. Then he scores on Thomas on a 2-on-1 break.
  • Still no word on the Cooke hit from league sheriff Colin Campbell. On Toronto radio (590 the Fan or something like that), Campbell made it sound like it wasn't that bad of a hit.
  • With no Chara tonight, Wideman looked exceptionally retarded out there. Kessel smoked him at least twice for breakaways on Thomas.
  • Ryder is still a shithead and remains View from 311's doghouse. Today, he was witnessed performing kegel exercises between shifts.
  • The ACC played 2 Tragically Hip tunes during the game: "Fireworks", which mentions Bobby Orr; and "Fifty-Mission Cap", which is related to the Leafs never winning the Cup. The TD Garden? We play songs that bring fear into the heart of the opponent and have everything to do with hockey, like "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive. What should they be playing? I nominate "Blood and Thunder" by Mastodon.

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