Wednesday, March 24, 2010

B's take the Thrash out.

One thing about this blog is that I can tap into my inner Boston Herald and come up with lame-pun headlines like "Take out the Thrash" or "Set the Thrash out on the curb for pickup" or something like that.
Rask pitched a shutout last night as the B's won, 4-0. Goals by, ah...Lootch, Satan, Krejci, and Begin.
The play was physical, but Atlanta couldn't keep up. Fight between Thornton & Boulton was pretty good. Jack Edwards was particularly effusive about Boulton's character, it was even a little weird. Not many fans in Atlanta, and a lot of them were B's fans. Now the B's are within, ah, 2 points? of 5th place. What is going on? Personally, I'm hoping for a Round 1 matchup vs. the Penguins, I think it would be very emotional out there, we could just pound them into submission like we should have last week.

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