Friday, March 26, 2010

The Bruins Hate Us

Why can't this team win at home? After turning in 2 gritty efforts on the road, they come home, throw 50 shots on Tampa (The 'Ning, as Minnesota chooses to call them) and lose 5-3. Surely, many fans were pumped to see the Bruins return to form (sort of) on the road - and wanted to see the same type of effort/physicality last night. It was there for the most part, I guess. But the game lacked a fight, even with noble gas Xenon Konopka and league turd Steve Downie skating for the other side. But Niittyymmaakkii, despite being a rebound machine and helping the Bruins all he could, held the fort as the shots rained down. Ya know, at least if we make the playoffs, we'll play all games on the road as the 8th seed. So maybe sucking at home won't be so bad. Meanwhile, I'm gonna put my head back in the oven.
  • Row 12 mused aloud last night, "Hey, what's our record with Trent Whitfield in the lineup"? I looked it up. In 2009-2010, 4-8-3.
  • Wideman, he's just one metric ton of suck out there, huh? Wow.
  • I used to have Steven Stamkos on my fantasy hockey team, but I did not keep him for this season. So in case my posts didn't already show that I don't know anything about the game, there's additional proof. (Instead I kept...Kimmo Timonen.)


  1. ...and I watched it all from the comfort of my couch. An excellent decision.