Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miller Time

Yeah. The B's stayed on their usual, season-long path of consistent inconsistency. They lost last night, 3-2 to Buffalo. Tim Thomas let up 3 really soft-looking goals (I think he was screened on one of them, this fluttering slo-mo wrist shot that looked like a softball eephus pitch.); he looked really bad, off-balance and searching for the crease/posts. I think that's why Cload yanked his ass. Timmy needs to go back to yoga class and summon his Vezina mojo.
  • "What have you done for me lately?" asks the Bruins fandom, as TT was booed and Rask cheered wildly.
  • Wideman Suckage Chronicles continues. Like sands thru the hourglass, so is the massive suckage of Dennis Wideman. He was -3 last night and continues to be squirrely whenever the puck gets near him. He get booed whenever he touches the puck, like when Chara gets booed in MTL whenever he touches the puck.
  • Craig Rivet is a dick. Maybe it's my residual hatred left over from his Habs days, but he's a dick and Lootch wanted to kill him, but the linesmen separated them a few times. Disappointing.
  • Seidenberg is making a case for being re-signed. Trade Hunwick, trade Boychuk. Noted Minnesota recently, "Boychuk is NOT a defenseman. Nice shot...but that's it." The d-pair of Boychuk & Hunwick is an atrocity and an insult to the concept of "defense".
  • Sobotka was 9 out of 10 from the faceoff dot.
  • OH YES, that was Chara laying out ex-BC pissant Nathan Gerbe at center ice in the middle of the 2nd period.
  • The Canes beat the Thrash last night, keeping the B's dim playoff hopes alive.
  • Seidenberg is der scheisse.

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