Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adams Division Semifinal Game 3

Recchi's brass balls (above); when he walks, he places them in a wheelbarrow and pushes them around.

How hot was last night's game? It was your typical grinding Adams Division playoff game full of defense, hits, stellar goaltending, and more hits. The first period was pretty intense - Boston had the usual home-town push for the first ten minutes but that was diffused when Mike Grier beat Rask on a quick snap-shot. We all were cautiously optimistic and Wideman scored the tying goal on a nice backhand pass from Sobotka. Tied 1-1 going into the 2nd period. Minnesota noted, "the 2nd period is OUR period." Despite the up-and-down action, there were no goals scored in the 2nd period. As time ticked away in the 3rd period, we were all figuring on OT, and perhaps even multiple sessions of OT. Actually, the hoser to my right was thinking 3-1 Bruins with the 3rd goal being an empty-netter. BUT, brass balls Recchi charges down the wing, pushes Tim Kennedy off the puck, passes to Bergeron at the faceoff dot, shot, in. B's win, 2-1. Remember when last year, Recchi basically had a couple kidneys removed, his blood swapped out, gave birth to twins, etc. and still played all the games against Carolina? Yeah. That. Wheeler, are you paying attention?

In case you missed it, here's the Boychuk hit on Matt Ellis. It is a thing of beauty.

  • Begin was 8 for 11 at the faceoff dot
  • Chara & Sobotka led the team in hits with 6 each. Kaleta was non-factor in the game, he pretty much got rag-dolled every time he stepped on the ice.
  • I decided to punish myself this morning and catch a little Toucher & Rich. Boy, they're pretty bad with facts and details. And lots of folks were calling in asking who this Sobotka guy was. They were correct in their criticisms of Sturm & Wheeler.
  • The Sabre power play is 0 for 12 in the series.
  • Where is HubHockey? I go to the site to crib info and it's been dead the past few days.
  • Game 4 Wednesday night - The B's win this one, and thing are looking pretty good, especially if the rumors regarding Marc Savard's prognosis become true.
  • That's right - Mahk S'vahd started skating yesterday and may be cleared for strenuous exercise today. I hope they take their time with it, but I also hope they don't, just to hear the crowd go batshit when he steps on the ice.
  • Row 10 Wheeler-hater was in good form last night, until I think the alcohol hit him and he got real quiet. But he was ripping into Wheels a bit in the beginning.
  • Fellow 311'er ran the Marathon yesterday and finished in something like 3 hours. That's just retarded.
  • What also can't be ignored, but I'm afraid to jinx it, is the play of Ryder. He's rediscovered his skating ability and actually getting shots on goal.
  • Does it get any better than playoff hockey?????


  1. I've had problems with Hub Hockey latley too.

  2. ya same here. I think typepad put some type of block on it. cuz whenever i try to get on it asks for a username and password. i miss it:(