Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Central Scouting Rankings

Tyler Seguin is now ranked #1 and is compared to Steve Yzerman by Central scouting.  Taylor Hall is 2nd and compared to Zach Parise.  Cam Fowler falls to 5th and is compared to Mike Green.  Brett Connolly, a right winger, moves up to #3 and is compared to Peter Forsberg.  Erik Gudbranson, D-man, is rated 4th and compared to Dion Phaneuf.

Cam neely says Seguin and Hall are 1-2 on their list as well.  What if the worst-case happens and they don't get 1 or 2?  Who do the Bruins have rated number 3?

Taylor Hall is just the perfect fit - the Bruins are weak on the left wing and he would slot in there beautifully. 


  1. Kind of weird in terms of comparison. Who would you want? Yzerman,forsberg,parise, green, or phaneuf?

  2. I want Hall. Like you said, they need a LW who can score.