Friday, April 9, 2010

Dennis Wideman Fan Club

I proposed starting the Dennis Wideman Fan Club for the playoffs to some fellow 311'ers, but I think it fell on deaf ears.  To be honest, I just want more Den-nis-Wide-man clap clap clapclapclap chants.

He is showing some signs of life.  In his last ten games, he has 3 goals and 4 assists and has been a minus player only ONCE in that stretch (the home loss to Buffalo).  That's 7 points in 10 games which is a damn good total for a defenseman on the offensively inept Bruins.  The fans notice every mistake he makes now because they're looking for it and are getting on him pretty relentlessly, but it's not deserved anymore.  DEN-NIS-WIDE-MAN!!!

I should probably eat some of my words on Johnny Boychuk too.  He has really stepped up in Seidenberg's absence and logged nearly 29 minutes of ice time last night.  I'm not getting too hyped up about beating a Buffalo team that was giving a number of key players a rest last night though.

The guy we should be getting on is Michael Ryder.  Blake Wheeler deserves it too, but not as much as Ryder.  The good news is Ryder will be playing for a contract next year so he might show up, but don't hold your breath on that one either.

All eyes on the Rangers tonight - a Ranger loss in regulation locks up the playoff spot for the B's, but the key now is to move into 6th or 7th to avoid Washington.  Eric Staal's 3g and 2a helped Carolina beat up on Montreal last night which helped in that quest.


  1. I love you, guy. I'm for the Dennis Wideman club.

  2. We are trying to come up with a good playoff T-shirt idea...can't settle on anything yet...want it to include Wideman...looking for ideas!