Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magic Number Now 4 Points

The Bruins need any combination of 4 points - getting points themselves or the Rangers leaving points on the table.  Buffalo helped the Bruins out by getting King Henrik pulled on the way to a 5-2 victory.  Atlanta is now eliminated after losing to the Devils since the B's hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against them.

Even better, with Toronto's loss to Philly the absolute best they can finish now is 28th overall.  Tampa and Florida are still only two points clear of Toronto after losing Tuesday, but they both will hold the tiebreaker over Toronto and they play each other twice before all is said and done.  Therefore, one of them is guaranteed to get at least two points in the final three games which is all it takes to lock out the Leafs.  Things are looking good in the Hall/Seguin sweepstakes.  Remember, as Cam Neely said today on Felger & Mazz: if Toronto finishes 29th, the Bruins have a 60.8% chance of securing one of the top two spots in this year's draft.  And they'll have an 18.8% chance of getting #1.  Doesn't it give you visions of Taylor Hall riding shotgun with Savvy this fall?

Assuming Toronto finishes 29th: if no one beats the odds and Edmonton selects 1st and the Bruins select 2nd, Edmonton will likely be more interested in a pivot (Seguin) leaving the door open for the Bruins to trade up for the #1 pick or, even better, just having Taylor Hall fall to them at #2.  If they somehow do not secure a top two pick and end up with a defenseman there will likely be a mutiny among Bruins fans.  The fallout wouldn't be pretty - especially if Cam Fowler or Erik Gudbranson doesn't make the team out of camp.  For every Tyler Myers, there are 20 Luke Schenn's or Zach Bogosian's that take time to adjust to the NHL game.

Just remember, the Bruins have already won in the Kessel trade.  Did you see Kessel bounce off of Miro Satan last Saturday?  That's the first physical battle Miro won since signing with the Bruins and then Kessel left with "cramps" later in the game.  What a pussy!  He wasn't the answer.

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