Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Your Entertainment

This is a column from The Buffalo News that is a thoroughly enjoyable read for a Bruins fan.  Make sure you read the comments for additional entertainment.  One of the best ones:

“Connolly, you are a woman, as is Pominville. Neither of you are willing to scratch your nail polish and fight for the puck.”

Another one that is particularly interesting to this blogger:

“Did the Sabres trade for Raffi Torres the hockey player or Raffi the children's singer? The guy has been so invisible that people forget to criticize him. C'mon Bucky, wasn't Torres supposed to add some grit to this group of cream puffs and squirts? Whatever we gave up for Torres was robbery. He makes the Bob Corkum deal look like a home run. At least Connolly has an excuse. How about a column calling out Torres or did you forget he was on this team too?”

I hammered Chiarelli for not anteing up for a guy like Torres.  I thought he would provide a little goal-scoring and some much needed (at the time) sandpaper.  But, through three games (reminder - they haven't won anything yet!) it looks like Chia was right to stand pat.  By the way, how are those Devils doing who went out and got Kovalchuk?  They're down 3 games to 1 to Brian Boucher and the Flyers.

Anyways, notice how all of the Sabres fans and this columnist are complaining about the physicality of their Sabres (it reminds you of the entire Bruins regular season).  Also, the general hating of ownership and management.  It's the same no matter where you go!

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