Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adams Division Semifinal Game 6

Satan (above) scores another winning goal to further demonize his former team

B's win. The game started off pretty well relative to the others games - we didn't cough up a goal in the first 5 to 8 minutes. Once the forecheck was established, the B's carried themselves really well with a confidence, intensity, and efficiency that reminded me of last year when they were consistently destroying teams by 4 or 5 goals. Then we got on the power play and Krejci scored on a tip-in. In the 2nd period, Buffalo stepped up their play a little bit, but the B's stayed cool. Recchi slapped home another power play goal, B's up 2-0. Then Buffalo attempted their comeback, goal by Kaleta after a turnover by Wideman. The B's extended their lead to 2 goals with another Krejci goal off a nice feed from Lootch, but immediately after the celebration, ex-BC putz Nathan Gerbe fired a shot in after a turnover by Ryder. Just can't seem to hold those 2 goal leads. Anyhow, Satan scores the eventual game-winner on a nice pass from Wideman. Miller was caught out of position and Satan had an empty net to fire at. Vanek scored with a little over a minute left, after the (premature) "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" chant.
random crap
  • Mike Milbury HATES Tim Connolly, so he must be enjoying some serious schadenfreude here.
  • McQuaid/Ference. Now there's a pair that beats a full house. Every time their shift began, it was open season on Rask.
  • Buffalo's power play went 0 for 19 in the series.
  • Sobotka was 7 for 11 from the faceoff dot.
  • Sometimes I think the warmup songs have something to do with a team's performance. Okay, maybe not, but they played "Unsung" by Helmet which is always a good thing.
  • Of course, they're playing "In the Air Tonight" as well, probably a nod to the Celtics' recent championship run. Amusing to watch most of the crowd air-drum the famous drum fill.
  • "Snowball 1, Hell 0" was what Jack Edwards said after the win. He also quoted Gordon Lightfoot, and that tool who replaced Tanguay ("Gresh"?) was whining about it. We all known Jack is loony and a total homer, but so what? I'll take the homer-ism over the high-pitched doom 'n gloom of Tony Mazz.
  • I hope we play the Penguins. I'd like really like to send Cindy Crosby to the golf course, avenge the hits by Samuelsson on Neely, and avenge the losses we suffered in the Wales Conference Finals in the early 90's. Of course, there's also the whole Matt Cooke thing, with Savard coming back and stuff (he's been cleared for contact as of this morning). Minnesota thinks the Pens are very beatable, "Fleury's not that good; that team had trouble with Ottawa, a team that's been miserable since the Olympic break; they don't have Hal Gill & Rob Scuderi, their key shutdown pair from last season. Seriously, you think they're gonna win it all with Alex Goligoski or Mark Eaton? No way." Look forward to his full preview once our opponent has been determined. We're also reviewing his Bruins fan membership, as he actually spoke well of Hal Gill.
  • Boob Salad. A listener on Toucher & Rich suggested that they be called "Apple Widemans" instead of "Apple Turnovers". If you're able to catch the drunken Bruins recap, check it out. Not a greater statement has been made in human history than "Top shelf, baby...where mom stores the peanut butter and I hide the pornos."
  • Any thoughts on which number Seguin or Hall will wear on their jersey next season?

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