Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yeah, I dozed off during the Devils/Bruins game and was woken up by Jack Edwards going completely batshit when Bergeron scored the game-winner with 19 seconds left.

The Florida game was much worse, as the Bruins continued their hatred of their fanbase by dropping a huge, elephant-sized deuce on Causeway Street by losing 1-0 to the Florida Panthers. Scott Clemmensen looked like Martin Brodeur; the B's resembled a team going thru the motions - I saw more desperation in the "Three Minutes of Fame" during the 1st intermission. (Speaking of which, when are the coaches/parents going to teach their kids HOW TO PASS?)
  • Sobotka was 6 of 9 from the faceoff dot Thursday night. Of course,'s statistics interface isn't that hot, so I can't tell what his season FO% is and where he ranks without going thru all 4 billion NHL players. Bergeron leads the league among those who've taken >700 draws, though.
  • Wideman got #2 star Thursday night. Total pity-fuck there; he did nothing to distinguish himself except by not screwing up a hundred times like usual.
  • Chara took 12 shots that were blocked Thursday night. I forget where I saw this, and I could have dreamed it up, but wow.
  • Apparently Cload is going to shake up the lines tonight vs. the Laffs, sending Wheels and Ryder to the 4th lines or the press box. Ryder seems rather uncaring by his lackluster performance. Someone's gotta piss in their Wheaties to get them angry.
  • Row 12 has fleas. He spent most of Thursday night scratching away.
  • There's a 311'er who is running this year's Boston Marathon. What a slacker. He alleges that he will finish in under 3h15min. And yes, there will be some wagering involved.

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