Friday, April 16, 2010

Get to Know/Hate a Sabre


In order to form a more perfect hatred, today we will introduce #36 on the Sabres: Patrick Kaleta. We swiped these, uh, "results" from his "getting to know you" quiz on his, uh, facebook page.

Full Name: Patrick Kaleta
Hometown: Angola, NY
Favorite Player Growing Up: "Ulf Samuelsson. I just love the cheap way he played."
Favorite Music: Insane Clown Posse
Favorite Food: puppies & kittens
If I wasn't a hockey player, I'd be: unemployed
Favorite Animal: turtle
I really hate: minorities, children, war veterans
Favorite non-hockey athlete: Rae Carruth or JP Losman
Favorite TV show: Jersey Shore
Highest level of education reached: 8th grade
Favorite Hobbies: Hiding behind my visor or the refs; working on my goal celebrations; ducking responsibility
Favorite non-hockey team: J-E-T-S, jets jets jets!
Favorite non-hockey sport: Diving

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