Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Michael Ryder can't do shit. Did you see the flurry in front of Caps goalie Jose Theodore, where Ryder aimed for Theodore's pads from point blank and hit them? I was listening in the car at that point, and Bob Beers was just astounded by Ryder's inability to do anything right.
So yeah, the B's lost in OT to the Caps, 3-2. The Caps were resting some folks and were looking ahead to the playoffs already, so they really weren't trying. The B's played a decent game that was fun to watch (of what I saw). Goals by Bergeron (filthy move on Theodore) and Wideman (no, really. It was a slapshot after a faceoff win with 1.6 seconds left in the 1st period).
  • 28:39 of ice time for Wideman. HORRIBLE.
  • Sobotka was 6 of 9 from the faceoff dot. VINDICATION! as Brick and the other guy (Versus telecast) discussed Sobotka's hot streak on faceoffs last night. Something like 77% in his last I dunno 10 games or something.
  • B's are now with 85 points, still in the playoff hunt...
  • Stuart's got cellulitis (don't they always joke about this ailment on House, M.D.?), Seidenberg's on suicide watch with 15 stitches on his wrist, and ahhhh Ference and his glass groin are still on the mend.

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