Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Stage Is Set

It's a great day for Bruins fans.  The Bruins defeated the 'Canes and in the process became the first team in NHL history to score three shorties on the same PP.  The Garden was in '08-'09 form for this one and it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

Meanwhile, the Habs just lost to Toronto in OT on a Dion Phaneuf goal so your Boston Bruins have secured the #6 seed and can rest some guys tomorrow against the Caps.  The question now is who will they play in the first round?  That comes down to the Devils/Sabres game tomorrow @ 5 PM EST.  If the Sabres win in regulation, the Bruins face the Devils (let's hope not - snoozefest!).  If there is any other result in that game, it will be Bruins/Sabres in the first round.

The Habs clinched their spot so the final spot will be decided by the winner of the Flyers/Rangers tomorrow @ 3 PM EST.  If the Flyers win, they get the #7 seed and the Habs get #8.  If the Rangers win, the Habs are #7 and Rangers #8.

There you have it.  Bruins @ 12:30, Rangers/Flyers @ 3, Sabres/Devs @ 5, and the Masters.  My TV's will be getting a workout tomorrow...

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  1. You forgot the Cooke knockout
    Best of all of them. :)