Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rooting Interest

I will be giving NHL Center Ice a workout tonight.  The Bruins are the only team in the entire Eastern Conference that is NOT playing tonight and every other game has ramifications, whether they are for the postseason or the draft lottery.

On Versus, you have Caps/Pens which is usually highly entertaining and has the added drama of the goal-scoring title.  This game has little impact on the B's except for potential opponents in the first round so I'll be rooting for the Pens because the last thing I want is a Devils/Bruins snoozefest of a playoff series - here's a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference sched tonight:
  • Rangers @ Sabres - Go Sabres
  • Flyers @ Leafs - Go FLYERS - Sorry, but that draft pick is the #1 priority
  • Devils @ Thrashers - Go THRASH - they're finished even if they win and see above for why I want the Pens to win that division
  • Habs @ Islanders - Go Isles - Bruins can still get 6th which would likely mean the Sabres for the first round
  • Sens @ Panthers - Go Panthers - hold off the charging Leafs
  • Canes @ Ning - Go Lightning in OT - both teams need to hold off the Leafs - the good news is one of them is guaranteed two points tonight
Notice the teams I'm pulling for are the home teams in all cases aside from the Flyers.  This is good news for teams other than the Boston Bruins - they actually play better at home!

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