Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adams Division Semifinal Game 5

The Bruins just can't make things easy on themselves, huh? Last night, the Bruins squatted over the HSBC Center and dropped a pinecone, losing 4-1. First Buffalo goal was a softie wrap-around job by Adam Mair (yeah, Adam Mair). 2nd goal was ah, Pominville - Ference & Sobotka messed up hardcore on that one; 3rd goal was Grier on a faceoff win. The 4th was an empty-netta by who cares. Bruins goal by Boychuk on the PP.
Honestly, I flipped to the Sox game on NESN+ during the 2nd intermission because it just wasn't happening. I did it for the safety of the television and for the health of my walls. I've made enough holes in the drywall, done enough patching (buy stock in DuraBond 90 if you want to make a quick buck)...just could not stand to watch another minute of play. It was as if they reverted back to the stinky play of all season, and games 1 thru 4 never happened. HORRIBLE.
Apparently at the end of the game, Gaustad slashed Chara in the back of the legs (known as "the Savard Special"), and Chara apparently went completely batshit. Some sort of fight ensued and supposedly Chara got the instigator (wtf?), etc. So I bet you can count on Chara getting suspended for Game 6 (but Matt Cooke got off free...). Lindy Ruff, Buffalo's Minister of Propaganda, made it sound like Chara ate babies at center ice last night. He even said *HE* wanted to get out there. C'mon, son. We've all seen you fight - I posted your battle with Cam Neely last week. You laid on the ice, covered your head, sobbed your brains out, and waited for the linesmen to save your wimp ass.

Ruff (above): "None of my players ever do anything wrong. Chara is a beast and must be suspended! The league needs to take a hard look at the video."

Update: Chara will not be suspended...


  1. "Lindy Ruff, Buffalo's Minister of Propaganda, made it sound like Chara ate babies at center ice last night."

    hahah that was an awful game, but that made me laugh, good job. BTW, lindy ruff sucks.

  2. I think Ruff's a good coach and all, but for now the guy's just a towheaded shitpile.