Saturday, April 10, 2010

B's win

Bruins beat the 'Canes today, 4-2. They set a new NHL record by scoring 3 shorthanded goals in 64 seconds' time, all on the same power play. It was pretty unbelievable. Goals by Paella, Wheels, Begin and an empty-netter (first EN goal in what seems like forever) by Lootch. Bergeron made a game-saving play by sweeping out an errant puck from the B's crease when Rask went off after a delayed penalty. Wheels passed to Ryder, who of course missed the pass, then it bounced off the wall and towards the empty net. Bergy tracked that shit down and saved the game, maybe the season.
  • Staal and LaRose were takin' liberties all night, I was waiting for someone to give them a tuneup. Alas, it was not to be. My thirst for sports violence is unquenched - all I wanted this season is a line brawl.
  • Row 10 Wheeler hater is turning into Row 10 Wideman hater as well.
  • BC just beat Wisconsin to win the NCAA Championship.
  • Leafs just beat MTL in OT. B's to play Sabres or Devils in playoffs, it looks like...
  • Draft Lottery on April 13. Look for Minnesota to be all over that shit.
  • Penner & Hamill were just called up from Providence.
  • whoa. WHOA. you should see Don Cherry's suit tonight. My TV just exploded.
  • Walking to the rink today, I was hoping I wouldn't have to see any Whaler fans. As soon as that thought entered my head, some pasty-white Whaler fan power-walked by me. It was the only Whaler fan I saw and it was still too many.
Quite possibly the saddest subset of the human species: The Whaler Fan. (swiped from NYT)

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