Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For The Fans

I'm sure the Morale Officer will have his recap up soon, but in the meantime...

I'm proud of you Boston. That building was consistently better than I have ever seen it for Bruins hockey in this series. I need to qualify that statement: I bought a playoff strip for the 2004 debacle against the Habs and became a season ticket holder after the lockout. I wasn't here prior to that. But the Fleetbanknorthcentergarden really hasn't had much to cheer about when it comes to the Bruins since its inception in the mid-'90's so I think I might be safe in saying that this series was the peak. Was Game 6 two years ago a better single game than any of these were? Probably, but the sustained energy in the crowd in the three games in this series easily trumps what I experienced two years ago. Game 6 in 2008 was really only one period at that level.

Every chant was unanimous; not just a couple sections in a corner of the building. Every taunt of Miller was deafening. Every goal celebration was batshit crazy. This is playoff hockey and we get more of it. I would bet the farm on Washington tomorrow. Montreal is not going to win a third consecutive game against them in Washington. The Caps outshot them 54-22 last night and still managed to lose, but they'll break through tomorrow night just like they did against the Rangers in the opening round last year.

If Washington does what I expect, we get Pittsburgh and what could possibly be more fun than that? If Montreal pulls off the miracle, we get Philly and home-ice advantage. It's a win-win...

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